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My Lash Lift Experience With Yasmin Lashes

 I’ve been wanting to try lash lifts for a long time, having previously worked in a salon that offered LVL it had always tempted me. I finally took the plunge and booked in with the lovely Yasmin ( Based in Cambridge, she was super easy to get to, if lash extensions are more your thing then she’s also your gal! She also runs classes to train in lashes for all those future lash bosses in the making.

Lash lift in Cambridge Yasmin Lashes

Here is my before and after from my lash lift and I’m soooooo happy with how they turned out! Why hadn’t I booked sooner! They last up to 6 weeks as well! 

Go check out Yasmin on Instagram and Facebook @yasminlashes 

AD PR Sample - Dining At The Station Tavern

 A few weeks ago me and Natalie  were invited to check out the Station Tavern restaurant in Cambridge. Situated next to the Cambridge train station its in a nice and easy location to get to wether you are in Cambridge already or visiting by rail. They also have an outdoor terrace which would be lovely in the summer months for a bit of brunch and cocktails! 

They recently had a refurbishment inside and its really lovely with an industrial station chic feel. We started off with a Tavern Pink Lady cocktail which was very refreshing and I shall certainly be returning for a second! It would be such a nice place to go even just for drinks with the girls!  

I had steak for mains that came with triple cooked chips, which were so nice and crispy. There was a salsa type topping on top of the steak which gave another layer of flavour to the dish. 

Of course I had to finish with a chocolate brownie. Topped with walnuts and fresh raspberries with a side of vanilla ice cream. It was a great way to round up a lovely meal. 

We had a really lovely experience at the Station Tavern, if you are looking for somewhere to go up near the Cambridge rail station is definitely worth checking out.  

Lets Talk Periods

Even though we're in 2020 now there are still do many topics about life that aren't talked about. I've noticed a movement towards breaking taboo subjects about natural things that happen in lots of peoples lives and decided I wanted to join in. So many women struggle with periods, myself included but over the past few months I've been trying out some different products I have discovered looking for ways to cope with them.

One of the things I've been using has come in handy with the hot weather we've been having. During the winter I usually take to using heat pads and hot water bottles, but with this weather I just can't bring myself to warm myself up even more! The BeYou Period Patch* has been a cramp lifesaver! They do say that they don't necessarily work for everyone but would certainly say they are worth trying. Slowly releasing menthol and eucalyptus oil over 12 hours they provide a cooling tingle and can be placed where you need them. With only being 0.3mm thick once they're on you can really easily forget they are there compared to some heat pads I have tried. They are also cruelty free,  all natural and vegan. To top it off the patches are biodegradable with the exception of the platinum lined backing paper which you remove before use is recyclable and the packaging it come in is recycled plastic and is in turn recyclable.  

The second product I've been trying was after seeing Emily over on Instagram and her sister raving about Modibodi underwear. These are leak-proof underwear that are also reusable and sustainable. I've tried them the last 2 months and I'm so impressed. I haven't leaked once even on my heaviest days. They feel just like normal underwear, you forget that they are any different to normal. They use high quality fabrics like Bamboo, Merino Perform Wool and Microfibre making them super soft. as well as the latest in breathable, antimicrobial fibres with their Modifier Technology which is part of a super slim (3mm) stain-resistant lining for periods and leaks, and Modifier Air Technology which creates a moisture-wicking, odour-fighting lining. 

They are a little expensive to start with but when you cost up how much it must cost both financially and environmentally to use disposable period products I shall definitely be investing in more of these pants. There are so many styles to choose from and even colours I would really suggest having a look! 

If there is any other recommendations you have that you've tried please let me know! Hopefully this will help some of you. 

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Coming Out Of Lockdown In Cambridge AD PR

The past couple of months have certain been unlike any that I have seen in my lifetime. As we are starting to move into the new normal I wanted to share some of the ways I have been exploring and supporting my local area on my days off.

Punting under the mathematical bridge in Cambridge

Is there any better way of seeing Cambridge but from punting down the Cam? I've wanted to spend a lot more time outside and still keep to a safe social distance. The Traditional Punting Co have implemented lots of new ways of keeping passengers safe while you relax down the river. So that you don't have to queue up, they have put in place a text system to let you know when it's your time to punt, and they have installed screens dividing the punt into sections to keep social distancing without impeding your experience. It certainly felt very safe and relaxing, and made it all feel very normal. Our chauffeur Barnaby gave a lovely, informative commentary on the colleges as we punted past them. It's the perfect way to spend the day with all the nice weather we have had. Especially if you also include getting some strawberries and cream from Bridges Cafe to take with you like we did! If all this takes your fancy they have given me a special discount code 'copperhaven10' to get 10% off on their tours! (AD PR Press Experience)

If all the punting has left you feeling hungry a new service in Cambridge is the perfect way to try out independent cafes and restaurants. Foodftuffs have been delivering independent food brands all over Cambridge and I have used them quite a few times to grab some top notch grub! My personal favourite has been the cheese toasties from Urban Larder! Only using eco riders and lots of the money going directly to the restaurants its the perfect way to support local indie food businesses. Brewdog are also offering takeaway pints so that's gone down well with my dad! Now I'm back at work I've also had my lunch delivered as a treat!

And finally one for those with a sweet tooth. Jacks Gelato is open serving from the window and also available on Foodstufff for delivery! This is definitely the best place to get your gelato fix! With different menus daily there's always a new flavour to try! This was the honeycomb one

These are just a few of the things I've explored during the lifting of lockdown, let me know if you have made any new discoveries!

Isle of Paradise HYGLO Self Tan Serum First Impressions

With all this sunny weather we've been having its time to dust off the summer clothes and get the legs out! I'm certainly a newbie to self tanning and when I saw the lovely Jules who created Isle of Paradise launch a new Hyaluronic Self-Tan for face and one for body I just had to give it a go! I had used a gradual tan face serum that they made as a one off for QVC last year and really enjoyed being able to control the depth of tan for my face, so when I saw this I had to try it immediately! Can we just take a second to appreciate how nice the packaging is, with glass bottles and a pipette applicator, I already love it just to be on my vanity!

I ordered both the Face HYGLO Self-Tan Serum *and Body HYGLO Self-Tan Serum* as I thought I'd like to give both a go. With being new to self-tan I thought by choosing a buildable formula I could just keep topping up till I get my desired effect. I've only had the product for just over a week so this is very much a first impression. The formula of the product is packed full of go to skincare ingredients. The hyaluronic acid in the formula helps draw moisture into the skin aiding with intense hydration to leave skin looking plump and dewy. They also as brand use a signature blend of avocado, coconut and chia seed oil that help hydrate and nourish skin. There isn't a guide colour but it glides so effortlessly I haven't found it streak on my skin when I've been really careful to smooth it out.    
This picture is my skin after three applications of the Face HYGLO Self-Tan Serum * and I have to say it certainly gave me the most amazing glow and really plumped my skin. I think the shade looks super natural and sun kissed, you wouldn't tell it was from a bottle! I used maybe 4-5 drops on each application but it does say you can use more if you want to. You could definitely tell the skincare benefits were working because my skin felt so hydrated. I have to say I think this will definitely be a staple for me this summer and when I wanted that added glow all year!

This is the before and after of my leg after 2 applications of the Body HYGLO Self-Tan Serum*. I certainly think I could have used a lot more drops than I did but I was cautious to start with. I still think there was a difference in colour to my legs and it did look really healthy and glowy. I think I need to experiment with it a bit more but based on first impressions I do really like it. The dry down time is really quick and there's no unpleasant smell or sticky feeling after application. Again as with the face serum there isn't a guide colour but with practise I'm sure I'll get better!

Overall if you are new to tanning or a pro I really think these are good products. Especially if you are nervous to try tanning having the ability to control it so easily its a good entry into the world of glowing skin. Without having to use mitts you can just spread it on with your hands (Don't forget to wash them afterwards though) it makes it even simpler! They are also all cruelty free and vegan!

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NARS Tinted Glow Booster

With summer on the approach we are all looking to get that sun-kissed glow. One of the newest additions to my makeup has been the NARS Tinted Glow Booster*. This is such a multi-use product, you can have it under your base for an allover glow, mix with your foundation or layer it on top as a highlighter. It comes in four shades; Kalvoya*, Simos*, Tangsi *and Barbuoa*.

It has a very lightweight formula with micropowders to give a sheer luminosity and the pearlescent pigment to give that lustre effect to your skin. I think it is comparable to the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter  but I do think its a finer finish and looks a bit more natural. Its also oil free, paraben free and fragrance free. Infused with a NARS's exclusive Jojoba Complex Hydraglow Complex, the illuminator nourishes and hydrates the skin to create a dewy finish and extend the wear of makeup for up to 16 hours, thanks to a combination of Jojoba Elixir and Jojoba Gel.

I personally have used it on its own more often than mixing it as I rarely wear foundation, but when I have tried putting it under it does create a nice glowing complexion. I have found applying it with your fingers blends it better than with brushes or sponges and I think the formula likes to be warmed a little before application. I use shade Kalvoya*.

Top left is just an application of the tinted glow booster, bottom right is the glow booster under foundation and on the right is the tinted glow booster under foundation and concealer.

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Eating My Way Round Amsterdam 🇳🇱🍴

Last week I ventured back to the wonderful city of Amsterdam, with plenty of food inspiration to explore from searching through instagram I was on a mission to try it all! If you haven't seen my post from my previous trip there I shall link them here: Day 1 & 2 and Day 3 & 4.

The day were arrived was Shrove Tuesday so understandably our first stop was to find some pancakes! We had been recommended Pancakes Amsterdam by a family friend so we stopped by the Spui outlet of the chain. We both opted for bacon and cheese dutch pancakes due to the sheer amount of other sugar I had planned savoury seemed the best option! It was certainly very filling, I was unfortunately defeated by the size of it but it was very tasty!


We were staying at the INK Hotel Amsterdam  which I must say was amazing and we had a great stay there. We dinned twice in their restaurant called the Pressroom , as the building used to be the base of the dutch newspaper 'De Tijd'. The first night I had the risotto which was the perfect portion size, packed full of flavour from the asparagus and pine nuts. The last night of our stay we returned and I decided to splash out and have the peppered steak served with peppercorn sauce, confit shallot and mashed potato. The steak melted like butter under a hot knife and was up there with some of the best steaks I've ever had. I would really recommend this hotel and its restaurant and I would certainly book again!

The first morning breakfast destination was one I had been to before on my previous trip as its an instagrammers paradise. Pluk has a sort of boho chic vibe with gorgeous homeward and foodie goods to match! If your looking for instagrammable smoothie bowls or avocado based dishes this is a must visit. It does get quite busy and you can't make reservations but its worth waiting for! We had the Bali bowl and some lemon and poppy seed cake.

Van Stapele Koekmakerij Cookies are also one to get to early in the day, as once the 3000 cookies they bake a day are gone they close! I had to make two trips to catch these elusive cookies but they were worth the wait! They only bake one type of cookie; They are made from a high quality chocolate dough, full of Valrhona ingredients. The cookie’s crispy outside envelopes a soft white chocolate filling. Perfect afternoon snack! 

Pastai is a lovely little Italian restaurant I found on one of the foodie instagram accounts. They change their menu weekly so there is plenty of chance to go and try something new each time! I had some really nice arancini and pasta with courgette and cheese. Perfect spot for some delicious fresh pasta! Service was quick and certainly filled us up after a day of walking round all the museums! Though I do wish I had tried their chocolate cake as I had read many a good word about it online!

Melly's Cookie Bar is a artisan bakery are famous for their cookies,  Argentinian Alfajores and Dulce de leche and Yerba mate. So obviously I had the chocolate cake with dulce de leche for my breakfast with a hot chocolate! Perfect little pitstop before exploring more of the city for a sweet treat and hot beverage.   

If you are looking for the best instagram pretty content then you must stop at Polaberry. I think I spent more time taking pictures of all the beautiful product and store than I did devouring this adorable unicorn cakepop! Even the merchandise was gorgeous! Trying to pick what to buy was very difficult! A must see for any pink lovers or chocoholics! I also had possibly the best hot chocolate from my trip there, so also get that on your winter warming drinks list!

I couldn't have not come to Holland and not tried a stroopwafel, I went for one from Van Wonderen. With various topping options to have including more stroopwafel, Oreo, chocolate to hazelnuts (and more that I can't remember!) Nothing beats eating it warm from the waffle iron!

Continuing my sugary quest I went to the wonderful Tony's Chocolonely Super Store and created my very own bar! Tony's chocolate is out to create 100% slave free chocolate and traceability from bean to bar. Not only are they improving living quality for the people producing the cocoa, the chocolate is delicious! I went for milk chocolate with cinnamon sugar, hazelnut and spiced biscuit! I loved how personal you could make them from the packaging to the flavours! Perfect gift to bring back or keep for yourself I'm not judging!.

My last foodie stop less sweet and more meaty. I had a super tasty burger and sweet potato fries at The Butcher Social Club which is just below the A'DAM Lookout. I had the daddy burger and it was a beast of a burger but full of flavour from the edam to the fried onions, I didn't leave a scrap! The price point was also really good for the quality of food and its destination. There was also a really good selection of drinks which I wish I had tried out a boozy milkshake now!

That bring the end to my foodie adventures of Amsterdam for this trip. If you have any recommendations for if I go back I'd love to find more typical dutch places to eat!